Services and Goals


  • -To provide the English classes (ESL) to the Caribbean immigrant that come to the US.
  • -To provide computer classes that can help them find jobs.
  •  -Hosting a Community Food Bank
  • -To provide Senior Citizens services.
  • -To provide health fair.
  • -To provide an after school program for the youth.
  • -To provide help with Doctors appointments.
  • -1-800 information Call Center.
  • -To Help the Earthquake refugees from Haiti with Counseling, Language, Shelters, Food programs , and locating them to immigration centers that can provide them legal services through the TPS and other programs. 
  • -To develop partnerships, and maintain ongoing communication with social service agencies to provide resources to the community.


  • -Individual/ group Counseling Sessions.
  • -Educational, Seminar and Workshops.
  • -Immigration services.
  • -Provide referrals in collaboration with other Social Service Agencies.
  • -Provide location where the professionals, community activities, and spiritual leaders can meet to organize, learn, and address the current issues facing our communities.
  • -To promote and build professional schools, hospitals, orphanages, and churches, and develope agriculture in the west area of Haiti.
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