Mission Statement

Asisiting Haiti

Assist Haiti to development by:  Sponsor a tree a day through our Haiti Affiliates. Sponsor volunteer corps, including students, to help in infrastructure work. Sponsor medical missions and provide medical equipment and medicine. Assist our Haiti affiliates to undertake minor structural work such as bridges, potable water, latrines, churches and Vocational School. Support  an orphan child.  Work with our friends and partners to increase economic assistance and capital investment in Haiti.

The most pressing goals of the proposed network of Mission House Of Grace are to establish axist of real Development to stimulate the local production, which in turn would create sustainable jobs and economic growth, increase the educational opportunities and decrease despair and anarchy.  The program aims at offering to the unemployed, young and old, with intensive six months fast-tract formation courses, which can qualify them as auxiliary professionals in various practical orientations centered on real and modern Development: Agriculture, Ecology, Technology, Sports and Hospitality. Research & Development, Culture, Sciences of Health, and administrative sciences of the Businesses.

Mission House Of grace will be established according to needs of the community and the standards of the independent water and irrigation (sources and ponds), Energy (traditional, solar, wind), workshops of craft industry (training), orchards, forests and seedbeds of trees (Reforestation), domestic poultry and smaller live-stock (Local Food), medicinal herbs and useful plants (Research), basic health center, schools, sports and recreation (modules of Health, Professional, and Sports), and formation of control and management of all it what precedes (Businesses).  They will be artistically Haitian in the aspect, feeling and hospitality. 

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